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  • Hanoi Hue night bus
  • Hanoi Hue bus
  • Luxury bus with soft berths
  • E-ticket
  • Pick up in Old Quarter
  • Oneway ticket: $15
  • Roundway ticket: $28

There 3 popular options for Traveler travel between Hanoi and Hue: Train, Flight, and Sleeping bus with their own advantages. Flight is most convenient and fastest way. With Train, It is the chance to view the beauty of Vietnam through the window, the comfortable of the soft berth. And, the Hanoi Hue bus is not only the cheapest way but still very comfortable but also economically skips you a night hotel due to the overnight bus.

Important note

From 20th Jan-2019, The bus on Hanoi Hue is no longer available on A21 Tours Website. we will make an announcement if there is any update.

Hanoi Hue bus daily takes almost 12 hours to transport between Hanoi and Hue, the bus also takes some break at Ninh Binh and Quang Binh.

Hanoi to Hue bus map

Hanoi to Hue map

Facilities of Hanoi Hue bus

There are two main brands of tourist bus operated in Hanoi Hue route including Queen Cafe bus and Camel bus. They all are high-class tourist bus with services include:

  • Air conditioning;
  • High-speed WIFI;
  • Cold towels, mineral water;
  • Clean Toilet

Schedule of Hanoi Hue

RouteDeparture TimeArrival Time
Hanoi – Hue


(pick up at Hotel or Bus office)


(at Bus office)

Hue – Hanoi


(pick up at Bus office)


(at Bus office)

Price of Hanoi Hue bus

For booking travel from Sept 8th, 2017 to Sept 30th, 2018

 TicketOne-way ticketRoundway ticket
Price$15 $28
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