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Sapa (approximately 376 km away from Hanoi) is an attractive and famous tourist destination, attracting many tourists every year due to the romantic natural scenery, majestic mountains, peaceful ethnic villages, terraced rice fields, and hills. Hanoi Sapa bus is the best choice for many passengers nowadays replacing Hanoi Sapa trains with low fares and many day trips.

There are more than 40 bus and high-class coaches from Hanoi to Sapa each day, including Sapa shuttle bus, Green Sapa bus, Sapa Express, Queen Cafe, Inter Bus Lines, Sao Viet, Hung Thanh.

  • The soonest Hanoi Sapa passenger bus departs at 06:30 am, the latest ones depart at 22:00 night.
  • Travel time between Hanoi and Sapa by bus takes about 5 hours 30 minutes.
  • Bus ticket Hanoi – Sapa average $12/ticket. The cheapest ticket of Hanoi Sapa bus is $10/ticket (Sleeping bus), the highest ticket is $19/ticket (Eco Limousine)

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List of Hanoi Sapa bus

Greenbus Hanoi Sapa route

  • Hanoi departure: 07:00; 13:30; 22:00
  • Sapa departure: 08:00; 13:30; 15:30; 22:00
Sapa express 28 seat bus

  • Departure at Hanoi: 06h; 07h; 22h
  • Departure at Sapa: 13h30; 15h30
limousine sapa inside

  • Hanoi departure: 07:00; 08:00; 13:00
  • Sapa departure: 08:30; 14:00; 15:30
Sapa Shuttle bus Hanoi

  • Hanoi departure: 06:45; 22:00
  • Sapa departure: 15:30; 22:00
Eco Sapa Limousine

  • Depature at Hanoi: 07:00; 15:30
  • Depature at Sapa: 08:00; 15:30
Goodmorning Sapa bus review

  • Hanoi - Sapa: 06:45 - 13:00
  • Sapa - Hanoi: 16:00 - 21:00